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LANAP Laser Dental Technology


LANAP laser dentistry is a state of the art dental technology that Dr. Val Ludlow uses to help treat advanced gum disease. Dr. Ludlow is one of the first dentists in the Salt Lake City, UT area to provide patients with this revolutionary laser dental technologyLANAP is less invasive and more effective than previous treatments for gum disease.

Healthy gums are essential for a stable oral foundation. Gum disease is an invasive bacterial infection that spreads to the gums. Gum disease can lead to a range of different health and oral health concerns. It is important to address gum disease as soon as possible. Visiting Dr. Ludlow twice a year for dental health exams can help you catch gum disease in its earliest stages for conservative treatment and avoid gum surgery.  Dr. Ludlow provides comprehensive treatment planning to restore the health to your teeth and gums.


LANAP is a small laser that is inserted between the gum and tooth to effectively remove the diseased tissue. LANAP kills bacteria and cleans the root structure of your tooth. It then is used to sterilize the pockets created by gum disease. LANAP helps regenerate natural healthy cell growth. The LANAP treatment is completed in a series of visits depending on your personal oral health. During a personalized oral consultation, you and Dr. Ludlow will determine the right treatment plan for you.


Once your gums are clear of gum disease, Dr. Ludlow may recommend PerioProtect. PerioProtect will help prolong the results of your LANAP treatment and help to prevent further bacterial infection. PerioProtect is used at home and administered through clear trays. The medication will help reach hard to brush areas of your smile and help kill bacteria.


If you are concerned about the health of your gums, contact our Salt Lake City, UT dentist office to schedule a one-on-one dental consultation.

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