The top half of a full denture set sits on a dentist's table.

Everything You Should Know About Denture Adhesive

What is Denture Adhesive?

Denture adhesive is a product that is applied to the underside of dentures and creates a layer between the dentures and the gums when worn. Adhesive can be used on full and partial denture to provide extra security and keep the dentures from slipping out of place.

Adhesives begin to work when they come into contact with saliva. The combination of the adhesive and saliva creates an elastic grip that keeps the dentures in place along the gum line.

Denture adhesives products come in gels, pastes, powders, and even pads. Each product behaves differently so be sure to follow the application instructions on the box. Your dentist will also be able to help you find the correct denture adhesive product for your dentures, lifestyle and mouth.


How will Denture Adhesive Affect My Dentures or My Teeth?

Denture adhesives will not negatively affect your dentures, gums or teeth. However, adhesive does need to be cleaned off of the teeth and dentures every night. Dentures should always be taken out of the mouth before going to sleep and cleaned before being placed in a glass of water or a denture-soaking solution.

Each application of denture adhesive is meant for one use. If you neglect to clean your dentures thoroughly after using adhesive, it can cause a buildup of bacteria that can lead to infections or other health issues.


Do I Need to Use Denture Adhesive?

Over time, the supporting structures of your mouth can change shape, which results in your dentures not fitting as well as they used to. If you feel that you need something to help your full or partial dentures stay in place, speak to your dentist about having your dentures refitted before attempting to fix the issue with adhesive.

If your dentures fit well but you want extra security, denture adhesive can offer some piece of mind. Adhesive is never recommended as a permanent solution to serious denture fitting problems.

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