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Why Do You Need Regular Dental Checkups?

Regular dental cleanings and checkups are vital to a patient's oral health.

If you are considering skipping your next dental checkup because of cost, not having the time or because of dental anxiety, you should first consider all the risks you open yourself up to by missing out on time in the dentist’s chair. Regularly visiting the dentist allows him/her a chance to pick up on early…

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Dental Care in Holladay, UT

Dental Care in Holladay, UT Holladay Dental Excellence is committed to providing exceptional dental care to patients in Holladay, Utah and surrounding areas. Dr. Val Ludlow dedicates many hours of continuing education each year to stay on the forefront of dentistry. Dr. Ludlow aims to provide patients with the latest technology and methods in dentistry…

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Save Teeth with LANAP Laser Dentistry

LANAP Laser Denitstry in Holladay, UT

WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO SAVE TEETH! Did you know that gum disease is the number cause of tooth loss? Gum disease is a mostly preventable disease that left untreated can lead to a full range of oral and systemic health concerns. Treating gum disease in the earliest stages can help prevent additional damage to the…

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Back to School Smiles

Holladay Utah Back to School Smiles

GET THOSE SMILES READY TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL IN HOLLADAY, UT! Back to school season is a great calendar marker for reminding you, and your whole family to visit the dentist. Send your child back to school with a happy, healthy smile they feel proud to share. Holladay, UT dentist Dr. Val Ludlow offers…

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Why are my Gums Bleeding?

Bleeding gums in holladay and millcreek, UT

Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss? If you notice blood on your toothbrush or feel tenderness or pain while brushing or flossing, it is important to visit Dr. Val Ludlow as soon as possible. Bleeding gums are not normal. If your gums bleed on a regular basis, you may have gum disease and…

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Trudenta Bite Analysis for TMJ

TMJ treatment in Cottonwood Heights and Holladay, UT

We Help People with TMJ in Holladay, UT Many people suffer from chronic jaw pain, headaches and teeth grinding, unaware of the treatment options available. TMJ is a chronic pain condition that can worsen when left untreated, or can cause advanced damage to the teeth or gums. Holladay, UT dentist Dr. Val Ludlow, always at…

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LANAP Laser Dental Technology

Fluoride Treatment

LANAP LASER DENTISTRY IN HOLLADAY UTAH LANAP laser dentistry is a state of the art dental technology that Dr. Val Ludlow uses to help treat advanced gum disease. Dr. Ludlow is one of the first dentists in the Salt Lake City, UT area to provide patients with this revolutionary laser dental technology. LANAP is less invasive and more…

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Welcome to Holladay Dental Excellence

Salt Lake City Dentist in Holladay Utah

WELCOME TO HOLLADAY DENTAL EXCELLENCE! Welcome to Holladay Dental Excellence serving Salt Lake City and surrounding communities. We are excited to be your new go to dentist office in the Holladay, UT area. We offer state-of-the-art dentistry in our welcoming and warm dentist office environment. We are glad you chose Holladay Dental Excellence and we…

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Holladay UT and Millcreek Utah Dental Implant Services

DENTAL IMPLANTS IN HOLLADAY, UT Dental Implants offer both cosmetic and restorative health benefits. Dental implants build a stable oral foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Dr. Val Ludlow provides dental implants at our Holladay, UT dentist office for a durable, permanent treatment for tooth loss. Dental implants promote healthy gums, a strong bone structure, and…

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Laser Dentistry for Gum Disease

Fluoride Treatment

LASER DENTISTRY Laser dentistry has revolutionized dentistry. Lasers allow for less invasive, nonsurgical dental treatment that gives patients the convenience of shorter procedures and downtimes. There are many lasers designed for a variety of dental treatments. Dr. Val Ludlow utilizes several different lasers for accurate and precise dental care. For the treatment of gum disease, our Holladay,…

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