Dental bridges are an effective treatment for patients who need to replace one or more consecutive missing teeth. We offer quality and custom dental fabrications for patients who may benefit from a dental bridge.

Holladay, UT dentist Dr. Val Ludlow uses the highest quality dental materials to create a dental bridge that blends naturally with your existing teeth and restores normal function. Your bridge can be color matched to your natural teeth. Dental bridges can also be secured with dental implants for a permanent dental restoration.

Dental Bridge

What to Expect

Dr. Ludlow will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to develop a treatment plan based on your individual dental needs. Dental bridges are usually bonded to neighboring teeth to provide a stable and comfortable foundation. Depending on what works best for your teeth, Dr. Ludlow will determine what kind of dental bridge he will install.

  • Fixed Dental Bridge: A dental bridge is connected by two dental crowns, which will be placed over two neighboring teeth for extra stability.
  • Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge: Depending on the overall health of your teeth and the location of your missing teeth, Dr. Ludlow may decide that you are a good candidate for dental implants. Dental implants can be a long lasting solution to repairing your missing teeth. The implant will be surgically implanted in your jaw bone offering a stable oral foundation. The bridge is then securely fixed to the implant for a permanent dental restoration.

Once Dr. Ludlow has developed a plan to replace your missing teeth, impressions of your teeth will be taken to ensure excellent quality and fit for your new dental bridge. Dr. Ludlow may recommend the placement of a dental crown to help stabilize the foundation for your dental bridge. During the creation of your dental bridge, a temporary dental bridge may be placed. Once the impressions are fabricated, Dr. Ludlow will carefully install your customized dental bridge and restore your beautiful smile.

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