As one of the most experienced and highly trained dentists in the Salt Lake City, UT area, Dr. Val Ludlow takes great pride in helping patients maintain a healthy smile. Preventative care is an important part of maintaining a healthy smile, but sometimes, dental issues can still arise.

Dental fillings are used to repair chipped, damaged or cracked teeth, and are applied after tooth decay is removed from the tooth. Dental fillings are completed during a single visit in most cases and with a local anesthetic, are relatively painless. However, those who suffer from dental anxiety have many sedation options available to them.

We offer drill free and minimally invasive dental fillings using composite resin or ceramic materials to meet your specific needs or cosmetic goals. Dr. Ludlow offers composite, tooth colored dental fillings because of their durability and comfort. White fillings are usually a great fit for patients because they offer:

  • Mercury free option
  • Can cover a large amount of tooth surface
  • Less tooth preparation
  • Closely match the color of your existing teeth for a natural result

If you have old silver mercury fillings Dr. Ludlow is able to remove them and replace them with white fillings for a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Due to advancements in the dental industry, most dentists suggest the removal of mercury fillings and the use of porcelain or composite resin fillings due to their durability and natural look.

Dr. Ludlow is the best dentist ever! Very caring and nice and always wants the best for his patients; very meticulous and does amazing work! Great hygienists/assistants that are always happy and excited to educate their patients. And an office manager who knows the insurance and does a great job…
Sunny H.

Dental Filling

What to Expect

Applying a dental filling can usually be completed in one visit to our Holladay dentist office. We offer patients a local anesthetic and a variety of sedation options to make sure you are comfortable during your treatment. However, most patients feel very little discomfort during the treatment.

Dr. Ludlow only uses advanced dental technology to ensure quality, long-lasting result. First, Dr. Ludlow will apply a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort during the procedure. He will then gently remove any decay that may cover the tooth surface. Once decay is properly removed, the tooth structure will be filled with composite resin or porcelain. The filling is colored matched to your existing tooth to provide a natural, beautiful looking result. Dr. Ludlow will make adjustments as needed to ensure a comfortable and durable finish to your new dental filling.

Depending on the size and extent of your decay, Dr. Ludlow may offer inlays or onlays to resolve your tooth decay.

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