Chronic headaches that are undiagnosed can often be the sign of an underlying bite problem as a result of tension in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). When the bite is not functioning properly for a variety of reasons, a wide range of painful symptoms can result, including recurring headaches and migraines.

Salt Lake City dentist Dr. Val Ludlow offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for TMJ related headaches. Using advanced technology to analyze the bite, Dr. Ludlow works with patients on an individual basis to identify the exact cause of your bite problem. This lays the foundation for a treatment plan that will provide pain relief as well as support long term dental health.

TruDenta: Advanced Technology for Pain Relief

Dr. Ludlow is able to analyze the force and impact of your bite using TruDenta, a digital system for both bite analysis and pressure assessment. Using the digital results from the Tscan bite analysis, Dr. Ludlow can determine the amount of pressure being placed on each individual tooth and the jaw joints. This enables him to identify any imbalance that is creating tension in the jaw joint, or TMJ, and leading to pain and discomfort. A range of motion analysis is also performed to evaluate the movement of your head and neck, looking for points of restriction or abnormal movement that can also contribute to muscle tension in the jaw, head and neck area.

Treatment will be tailored to your specific results with the goal of restoring balance and relaxing muscles to reduce painful symptoms. Dr. Ludlow will discuss the results of your TruDenta analysis as well as any lifestyle habits or medical concerns that may affecting your oral health or causing stress. This comprehensive and qualitative approach to treating TMJ related disorders offers long term pain relief that is not reliant upon the use of medication.

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