Our committed team is dedicated to ensuring your child has a healthy, bright smile. We welcome children of all ages to our comfortable Holladay UT family dentist office. We work with you to ensure your little one is comfortable, relaxed, and happy during their visit.

Excellent oral hygiene habits are important for children to establish at an early age. We work with you to help your children understand the importance of great brushing, flossing, a healthy diet and preventative care. Dr. Ludlow believes children to take charge of their oral hygiene will help prevent complex dental problems down the road.

We offer a variety of children’s dental services, including:

Tooth decay is the most common disease amongst children in the United States. Early dental care is essential in keeping your childs mouth healthy. Our drill free fillings using lasers or air abrasion make it possible for you child to receive a filling with very little discomfort.

Tongue Tied Babies

Dr. Ludlow offers experienced care for babies with tongue ties and lip ties. Using advanced laser dentistry, Dr. Ludlow can treat a tongue or lip ties during a sinlge visit, enabling your child to resume breastfeeding or bottle feeding immediately. This procedure is both quick and relatively painless- there is no need for the use of an anesthetic and your child can enjoy improved natural sucking ability for more effective feeding.

A frenectomy will also allow for normal tooth and speech development as your child grows. If your child has been diagnosed with a tongue or lip tie or has difficulty feeding, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ludlow for a diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

This is a great office! Dr Ludlow really cares about his patients and their experience. The staff are wonderful and knowledgeable. Defiantly will be recommending my friends to this office.
Elizabeth S.

Pediatric Dentistry

What to Expect

Holladay Dental Excellence’s team of highly trained dental staff offers customized, compassionate, and specialized care for your child. We make sure children are comfortable for their visit to our Holladay dentist office. Once your child receives a comprehensive exam, one of our certified dental hygienists will gently clean and explain the importance of healthy teeth. A fluoride treatment may be administered to help prevent tooth decay and strengthen the teeth. Tooth sealants are usually recommended for teeth that are subject to tooth decay.

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