Dr. Val Ludlow offers a broad range of treatments for patients with cracked or chipped teeth, severe damage or infection, or tooth decay. Root canals are used for patients suffering from deep-rooted decay or infection of the root canal. Root canals help to save your natural tooth for a more stable oral foundation.

Due to advancements in dentistry, the root canal process has become less painful and intrusive. Root canals can often be completed in just a single visit to our Holladay, UT dentist office. Patients need not worry; we offer sedation dentistry to ensure you are comfortable during your visit.

Root Canal

What to Expect

Many patients report feeling immediate relief of pain after their root canal procedure. The infection of the canal is what causes tooth pain, not the root canal procedure. Prior to your treatment, Dr. Ludlow will discuss the procedure with you and explain what will happen during and after the treatment. If necessary, a dental crown will be placed after your root canal to help support the structure of your tooth.

To begin the procedure, Dr. Ludlow will remove the infected pulp. Removing the infected pulp will relieve any pressure caused by the infected tooth. He will then thoroughly clean the tooth and get rid of any excess material and fill it with biocompatible filling to prevent further decay.

Root canals can be completed in either one or two visits to our Holladay dentist office, depending on your particular case.

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