The Symptoms

Babies can have tongue or upper lip ties and from all outward appearances, be asymptomatic. To know if the tie or ties (as there can be more than one), are a problem, there are two Important basic questions to answer:

  1. Is baby getting enough to eat?
  2. Is nursing comfortable for mother?

With Mother

  • Creased, flattented or blanched nipples
  • Cracked, bruised, or blistered nipples
  • Severe pain when infant latches
  • Incomplete breast drainage
  • Plugged ducts or mastitis
tongout lip

With Baby

  • Poor Latch
  • Slides off nipple
  • Falls asleep while trying to latch
  • Frustration at the breast
  • Colic and/or reflux symptoms
  • Poor weight gain
  • Continuous feedings
  • Gumming or chewing at the nipple
  • Unable to take a pacifier or bottle
  • Clicking or unusual sounds while nursing

The Diagnosis

Dr. Ludlow can diagnose a tongue tie or lip tie and ensure that your child receives appropriate care that will enable him/her to thrive with effective breastfeeding. If you or your baby are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned here, schedule a
visit with Dr. Ludlow. He will evaluate the structure of your infant's mouth and soft
tissues and identify if a tongue or lip tie Is contributing to the failure to thrive or to feeding difficulties.

The Benefits of Using Laser

In most cases, your infant or toddler can be quickly and effectively treated by Dr. Ludlow
in our Holladay dental office. Using a soft tissue dental laser, Dr. Ludlow can perform a tongue tie revision or lip tie revision without the need for anesthesia. The frenum
can be released during a brief laser procedure called a frenectomy. Your baby can begin
breastfeeding immediately and the laser will stimulate natural healing. Your baby's ability to breast feed wiii continue to improve over the next couple of weeks as the tissues heal completely and the coordination develops. The tongue tie or lip tie revision will indeed enable your child to enjoy normal speech development down the road.

The Technology

Using the CO2 laser, considered the gold standard of treatment for a frenectomy, Dr. Ludlow can release the tight frenulum in a quick, easy procedure performed In the comfort of our dentist office. Laser treatment almost always provides a permanent result that will support your child's long term health and overall development.

Life Significance and Why to Consider Correction

Multiple problems can be associated with ankyloglossia (tongue tie). Difficulties can be seen immediately In early infant develop ment as well as affects that can last for life. (Not to mention the effects on mother) Left uncorrected, tongue and lip ties can cause or contribute to such things as difficulty in breastfeeding and/or early termination, inability to latch, colic, reduced development of immunity to disease, gagging/choking, decreased bonding, sleep deprivation and generally failing to thrive and develop due to poor milk supply. Later on, untreated ties can lead to difficulties introducing solids, delayed speech development, difficulties with dental /oral hygiene and health, migraines,
behavioral problems, and Increased risk of juvenile type diabetes and allergies. Over the years, challenges with speech, health, and appearance can lead to other social and self esteem issues.

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